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http://rozenhout.nl/portfolio-hovers/feed/ ommitment, tenacity, and professionalism: these are just the start of what we will ask from you. Empathy with our clients’ needs and interest: also a pre-requisite. We also demand the right people with the type of personalities who can go it alone and be team players. If this is you, then we seriously want to hear from you and have opportunities, which will see you progress.

As a privately owned firm we have to win work, earn income and make a profit to survive and flourish. We do this by:

  • Offering our clients service, provided by enthusiastic and committed staff who believe that what our clients do is important.
  • Understand the pressures and challenges facing our clients, and working to provide solutions, which can make a difference to the quality and effectiveness of how our clients support the process of social and economic change.

The subject areas we work in drive our values and the clients we provide services to. This means that we share the same objectives as our clients of the type of society and communities in which we want to live. It means we believe that:

  • Economic growth underpins the long-term prosperity of the economy.
  • The distribution of wealth and opportunity should allow everyone to live a life, which reflects their needs and aspirations.

Our objectives are reflected in how we treat our staff and how we expect our staff to treat clients and other people we come into contact with. These are:

  • People should be treated with respect and understanding irrespective of their position or status, race, religion or gender.
  • Hard work, enterprise and innovation is encouraged, recognized and rewarded.

This sets a framework for our work and behavior.

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We’re lucky to be able to work closely with a number of great people.