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A Promise Worth Keeping 
very location has a story to tell. Indeed, every location is a story or an accumulation of stories. At GROWTHMAP, we can advise you on how to hone your story, so that certain people and companies will want to be part of it.

People can understand stories. We have been thinking in terms of narratives ever since painting on cave walls. Stories of things, places and people. It is in our DNA.

Ultimately, this promise of place, of your location, is a business proposition. Delivering on that promise is a key function of economic development. The end game is more jobs, more investment, and building wealth in your local economy. It is a promise worth keeping.

nward investment is not some magical tap that can be turned on and off. Nor is it something that can be achieved simply by throwing lots of money at it (although plenty of locations still try).

We passionately believe that no two places are the same and that each location has its own particular solutions for attracting inward investment. Each piece of work is unique and individually tailored to specific characteristics and nuances of your place.

Successful investment attraction requires a strategy that is focused on areas with the greatest opportunities. GROWTHMAP can help select target markets with the greatest opportunities for you to attract investment.

This begins with a realistic assessment of your location’s strengths, which we combine with a review of market development to identify sectors and regions with the most potential for attracting investment.

Our knowledge of the FDI market contributes to developing a strategy that allows you to allocate resources to those areas with the best chances for attracting investment.

We pride ourselves on producing strategies that deliver a real and measurable improvement in results.
ROWTHMAP can assist you to raise awareness of your location with key target groups. Our support includes identifying the most effective methods of reaching investment decision makers in your target sectors and markets.

We can help you determine the best combination of promotional measures and channels, including attending and organizing events, forming partnerships with industry associations and other important multipliers, publishing articles in traditional and online media or communicating key messages through social media.

GROWTHMAP can also help you to implement an effective promotional campaign. This includes establishing contact with journalists or multipliers, developing online content or providing support with organizing events.
dentifying companies with real investment plans is one of the greatest challenges that investment promotion agencies face. GROWTHMAP has developed a successful process for identifying companies with the potential for making greenfield investments.

We can assist you to develop a pipeline of potential investors and can provide you with the information required to effectively approach those companies. We can also contact potential investors on your behalf to generate real investment leads and introduce you directly to companies with investment plans.
o compete effectively, your employees need to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in foreign direct investment whilst gaining the skills required to successfully perform their tasks.

GROWTHMAP can provide customised training on a range of topics including global FDI developments, trends in corporate location, best practices in investment promotion, identifying investors, aftercare or the FDI sales process. Participants are immersed into the real world of FDI and develop an understanding of the success factors for attracting investment.

The training is designed to provide participants with skills and knowledge that they can apply in their day-to-day activities. We can also provide ongoing coaching and mentoring to individual employees and senior management.
he number of greenfield investments in many parts of the world has declined and competition for projects is intense. Existing investors have become important sources of employment and capital investment.

GROWTHMAP can help you to build a structured process and tools for successful investor aftercare and retention. This includes developing methods for tracking the performance of key investors and maintaining regular dialogue with their management.

Our support enables you to anticipate risks and proactively manage your base of existing foreign investors, ensuring that they not only remain but also expand in your location.
n effective investment promotion agency requires a range of tools to facilitate and support its activities. These include research sources for identifying potential investors as well as specialized customer relationship management systems for managing a pipeline of investment opportunities and relationships with existing investors.

Your agency’s Internet site is also a critical tool that can help to differentiate your location. From developing a website with content that really meets investor needs to designing a CRM system that allows you to make the most of potential opportunities, we can help you establish the systems required to compete effectively in the market for foreign direct investment.