Since GROWTHMAP’s inception, research has been at the core of our work. Whether identifying trends, searching for opportunities, identifying best practices, making comparisons, or locating resources, our staff continually seeks the most complete and most recent sources of data. The ability to communicate the meaning of data is equally important.

We know that the majority of decision makers in business and in the community want clear answers and explanations regarding important issues. GROWTHMAP is your best bet when it comes to making the point and communicating it to leaders, workers, customers, volunteers, regulators, inspectors, administrators, elected officials and the general public.

The following are some of the types of research we implement for your business or town/city/region:

Economic Forecasting

All organizations must deal effectively with change and plan for the future. Knowledge of the speed, direction and level of change in regional and local economies is vital.

To meet the challenge GROWTHMAP ’s modeling capability and bottom-up approach provides accurate and reliable customized forecasts. The economic issues on which we base our forecast include the following:

Identifying Key Trends:

  • Assessing impact of events or initiatives.

  • Scenario options and development.

  • National and local structural change.

  • Regional and local economic performance.

  • The activities and intentions of firms.

  • Commercial property markets.

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