Building a High Performing Organisation

You’ll know a high performing organisation when you see one. It’s how they think, feel and act which sets them apart.

The challenge with business today is there is such a short-term focus. As leaders we are guardians of the company – the question is what are you building today and what will you leave for future generations?
Are you building a high performing sustainable legacy organisation where people are proud to come to work, customers are proud to be associated with and investors proud to invest in because they see the potential and will reap the benefits of their investment?
Our specialism is helping you to realise that goal using our high performing organisation methodology and dynamics tools.

Whether it’s…

  • Unlocking or re connecting with your real purpose, why you exist and do what you do every day through a defining question; what business are you really in?
  • Shaping a compelling vision which gives your organisation, people and stakeholders context, purpose and meaning, acting as your North Star
  • Creating a common set of values and defined winning/de railing behaviours – providing clarity on what excellence looks like, feels like and acts like
  • Aligning the interlocking strategies of your corporate strategy so you have a compelling strategic plan which everyone understands and knows the part they play every day in turning your vision into reality
  • Becoming disciplined in execution through the concept of marginal gains and the compounding effect of incremental advances
  • Defining your ‘current reality’ culture and the essence of your ‘to be’ performance culture. And perhaps most importantly…how to bridge the gap

We’ll be with you every step of the way!
With our proven and time tested approach you will have total peace of mind as you will be engaging a partner with the credentials, expertise and ‘know how’ to fast track your success and build a ‘legacy’ business which will stand the test of time.
We’d love to talk about how we can accelerate your journey to building a high performing organisation, let’s talk.

GROWTHMAP INFONOMICS provides corporate finance solutions for its clients, working together with commercial banks, development financial institutions (DFIs), venture capital firms, private equity funds and business angels, thus meeting the requirements of each client.

The rapid globalization of the economy, financial and capital markets, high levels of competition, negative circumstances and increasing difficulties in obtaining credit from traditional sources, all present serious challenges for business owners, business leaders, companies and entrepreneurs.

It is important for companies to constantly rethink their growth strategies and use alternative sources of funds in order to reach a competitive position in both domestic and global markets.


Management Buyout

Acquisition of a company (buyout) by it management team or by its minority shareholders, with the help of external financing partners, such as private equity funds.


Management Buy in

Acquisition of a company by an external management team, with the help of external financing partners, such as private equity funds.


Buy in Management

Combination of MBO and MBI


Owners Buyout

Buyout in which some of the executive shareholders of the company buy one of the company’s business areas or the whole company itself from other shareholders, strengthening their position with the support of financing partners.

Fund Raising

Start-Up: Financing to support the development of the product or marketing strategy.
Early-Stage: Financing during the early stages of business development for companies who have not yet reached break-event point.
Expansion: Aim is to support growth of an established company with its expansion, the increase of its production capacity or the development of a new product or service.


GROWTHMAP INFONOMICS consultants are specialists in the valuation of companies in accordance with valuation methods of international valuation standards.

Additionally, GROWTHMAP INFONOMICS can provide support to companies and entrepreneurs that want to carry out investment projects by helping them define the strategy to follow and establish a feasibility plan.


If you asked a cross-section of business leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs what is their biggest challenge is, you would probably hear the same recurring thought: growing their business in a ‘sustainable’, predictable, yet profitable way – quickly.
It’s a reality that most businesses and individuals never reach their full potential, always yearning for the ‘thing’ that will catapult them into significance, but never really finding it.

We need to change the way we value business

If we are to change the way we do business, we must change the way we value business. And that has to start with enabling and encouraging business leaders to measure and manage what really matters.

Today’s sustainability ratings and indices aren’t up to the job

The idea of measuring extra-financial performance is nothing new: more than a hundred sustainability ratings and indices claim to do just that. But they’re not sending the right signals to drive a change in behaviour, for two reasons.

First, current metrics focus on gradual improvement, so even a company whose business model is fundamentally unsustainable can score highly, as long it is doing slightly better than its peers.
Second, emphasis is placed on recent performance and governance, rather than credible commitments and progress toward long-term goals. So companies that really are trying to do things differently often aren’t rewarded for it.

Business Sustainability Rating Tool™…a solution developed by entrepreneurs

Developed in the real world laboratory of thousands of business engagements in 30 countries spanning over two decades, the Business Sustainability Rating Tool™ is a proven, time-tested methodology to unlock the real potential in your business.
The Business Sustainability Rating Tool™ is your route map, your dashboard to deliver accelerated, sustained and profitable business growth and through the process become the architect of your own destiny.
Avoid the common pitfalls of a trial and error approach to business growth and high performance. The Business Sustainability Rating Tool™ has been developed to become your self-guide framework, your on-the-go dashboard, your road map to accelerated, sustained and profitable business growth.

If this is a tool of interest for you then let’s talk.


Current State Assessment: This involves performing an independent assessment of client’s “As Is” status of their B-BBEE and transformation efforts. The assessment will revolve around the business meeting the relevant scorecard and compliance with the objectives of the Broad-Based BEE Act and the Codes of Good Practice.

Future State Development:

Using the result of the Current State Assessment and in conjunction with the client’s senior management, develop guidelines and goals for the appropriate level of compliance with the relevant industry charters in line with the overall strategy of the business. This ensures that the business benefits from the in depth knowledge and experience possessed by GROWTHMAP around BEE imperatives.

Policy Development:

With the changing landscape of South African business, the inclusion of transformation and BEE in the development of policies within the overall corporate business strategy should not be underestimated. The GROWTHMAP team will assist client management and staff to develop/re-develop policies around Ownership, Management Control, Skills Development, Enterprise and Supplier Development, and Socio Economic development.

Implementation Strategy – Deliverable:

For successful implementation of any strategy it is important to ensure that the correct resources are allocated to this critical stage of the project. GROWTHMAP will assist the client to identify the relevant projects, timescales and milestones for successful roll out of its BEE strategy.

Reporting, Evaluation and Monitoring Framework:

For successful strategy development, implementation and a roll out of properly designed reporting, evaluation and monitoring framework is essential. GROWTHMAP will assist the client with the development of such a framework. Our services can be extended to include the supply of independent auditing of this framework thereby ensuring that objectivity exists within the process. Reporting formats, lines and timescales are discussed with client management to ensure that communication channels and deliverables are agreed on.

Facilitator role for stakeholders:

In complex negotiations, it is important to include in the discussions an objective party that ensures the discussions remain focused and for the best interest of the business. Our experienced team acts as the critical pivotal role in BEE transaction negotiations and strategy development/implementation. Facilitators are able to operate at different levels within organisations thereby allowing clients the required flexibility in these negotiations and discussions.

Supplier Development Models:

For transformation efforts to be effective, it is imperative that BEE extends to the supply chain. Through a collaborative approach, GROWTHMAP assists clients with developing models for suppliers in their efforts to embrace BEE within the supply of products and services.


(Services rendered with our Associates)

BEE Status of Suppliers:

Often companies are not clear on how to classify their suppliers as BEE suppliers. Without a clear guide and yardstick, such classification can be inappropriately applied to the detriment of the business. By independently reviewing the status of suppliers in line with a proven methodology, GROWTHMAP offers clients credibility to their procurement efforts coupled with independent advice on areas of improvement that positively contribute to the reputation of the business in light of government’ efforts around BEE.

BEE Suppliers Database:

A crucial component of Black Economic Empowerment is the need to implement preferential procurement by both the public and the private sector, proving opportunities for Black enterprises to expand their output and increase profits. In order to address this important challenge, GROWTHMAP assist clients in developing databases of accredited Black-owned and empowered enterprises (according to the Standard Classification Code – SIC).

Fronting Detection Services:

One of the greatest risks to BEE and transformation efforts is the incorrect classification of a supplier. The risk to the reputation of a company that is found guilty of fronting is immense. Without proper guidelines and appropriate developed procurement policies, a company runs the risk of misclassification of suppliers as BEE suppliers. GROWTHMAP, through its methodology, is able to identify areas within the supply chain of a business and its procurement policy/process that increase the risk of fronting.


We help our clients to understand Location Economics and to optimize Government-sponsored economic development incentives.


Every province and municipal government and every real estate owner is going to tell you that their site is best for your business  — but only one is correct. GROWTHMAP INFONOMICS’ experienced location consultants take full account of the Company’s current state and strategic plans, to measure and compare available sites across South Africa, to identify those with the characteristics that fit its true best.


Cutting cash costs and increasing Return OInvestment (ROI) are critical to every business.  Our Grants and Tax Incentives practice has improved clients’ ROI by more than R 600 million since the beginning of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis by obtaining maximum value from government-funded economic development incentives.


The first step in maximizing business incentives value is matching the investments the company has made and will be making against the government grants and incentives programs in the company’s host location. GROWTHMAP INFONOMICS professionals come to their assignments with an intimate knowledge of the eligibility criteria and trigger events for all the relevant economic development incentive programs in the host jurisdictions. The company’s plans are then laid out and presented to governments officials in a “program-ready” format, so that they fit as well as practicable, the government’s eligibility criteria for high-value business incentive programs.


Government and elected officials need to be educated about the quantitative benefits the company’s investments in the community will bring. The best way to do that is to present them with a rigorous, quantitative analysis that relies on widely accepted methods and data sources. GROWTHMAP INFONOMICS provides clients with an economic and fiscal impact analysis to support maximum economic development incentives value.


GROWTHMAP INFONOMICS professionals have decades of experience on the government side of the negotiating table. They know what motivates senior government and elected officials about the company’s projects, as well as what might turn them off about a particular economic development grant or relocation incentive. They are aware of the intergovernmental fiscal and political relationships and that awareness is brought to bear to the benefit of our clients.


Government is a mystery for most business leaders. GROWTHMAP INFONOMICS professionals have staffed and led key provincial and local government agencies and legislative bodies, giving them a unique “insider’s” perspective of how decisions and policies are made by governmental authorities in South Africa.

GROWTHMAP INFONOMICS provides customized end-to-end immigration services to clients of all sizes from around the world. Our friendly knowledgeable staff includes Immigration Consultants and Business Advisors.

We have a proven track record in bringing in skilled professionals and business people, sponsoring spouses, partners and family members worldwide. We go to extraordinary lengths to see that your loved ones are reunited with you in South Africa as soon as possible. Our clients refer their family and friends to us with confidence.

We only accept clients who we are confident will have the best chance of success. If we feel that you will not qualify, we will be honest with you, and you will not be left with false hopes or have spent money needlessly. You will have peace of mind knowing if you qualify now, or what you will need to do to qualify in the future. The South African Immigration law is complex. Allow us to guide you through the process from start to finish.

Discover the difference of working with our team of friendly experienced professionals. We invite you to call, email or visit us with all of your South African immigration needs.


…to Fast-Tracking Your South African Immigration Application

South Africa is consistently rated among the best countries in Africa and the world to live in, and for several years was rated Africa’s biggest and sophisticated economy. Countless thousands qualify to immigrate to South Africa, but they don’t know where to start or how to work within the complex immigration system.

There are many illegal immigrants already in South Africa hiding in the underground economy, and they are taking a big and often times an unnecessary risk.

Our strongest recommendation if you want to achieve your dream of becoming a South African Permanent Resident (and later on applying for full South African Citizenship with all the benefits and privileges and rights that come with it) is to take the process very seriously. With the complexities of the South Africa’s Immigration and Refugee Act and its Regulations, you are well advised to seek expert help and make the best impression from the beginning.

Always work with a qualified professional. You are always best to find a consultant who has successfully handled dozens or, preferably, hundreds of cases like yours. Remember, this is your future and the future of your family. Don’t gamble with something so precious.

Immigration is a complicated process. There can be many barriers and hurdles along the way. Your claim may be denied simply for not knowing an important fact about procedures or law. GROWTHMAP INFONOMICS will help you to understand critical issues when working through the immigration process.


Honest feedback at no cost to you

We carefully assess your qualifications in a brief phone assessment or low cost detailed consultation (in our office or your office, via phone or Skype) and let you know if we feel you qualify now. Our feedback will be completely honest, and we will let you know what your options are, and you will avoid having false hopes or spending money needlessly. All consultations are in complete confidence.

Competitive pricing, superior service

We benchmark ourselves with peers of equal experience and the highest reputation, and set our prices to be more competitive while always delivering the highest quality of service that is second to none.

We specialize in the following immigration services:

  • Business Visas
  • Critical Skills Work Visas
  • Intra-Company Transfer Work Visas
  • Corporate Visas
  • General Work Visas
  • Permanent Residence Permits
  • Appeals
  • Exemptions

We wish you success in this journey. When you have questions, we’d love to hear from you by phone or email. We will be pleased to being of service to you in your journey home to South Africa.