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for Economic Development Professionals, Elected Leaders and Business Owners

GROWTHMAP INFONOMICS is passionate about assisting Economic Development Organisations (EDO’s) through the production of spoken-word media programs – podcasts, internet radio, audiobooks, audio-newsletters etc.

What is Economic Development Radio?

The Economic Development Radio ( has been created as a platform to bring you interviews and discussions via podcasts and articles with:

  • Economic Development professionals, talking about issues facing the industry and their provinces, cities and towns.
  • Business owners, managersand other stakeholders including business chambers throughout South Africa discussing serious business matters.

The main program embraces broad interest in Economic and Business Development. We also explore various provinces, regions, cities and towns of South Africa and the businesses that operate in South Africa. Our goal is to establish a range of programs dedicated to promoting specific locations and their small-medium businesses and inward investment. Other programs focus on specific locations and the companies doing business there.

Partner with us to build your organisation

We are constantly seeking organizations and individuals to partner with us in this initiative to provide valuable communication for your local economy, exposure for your business, or an opportunity to host one of our programs.
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Listen – Participate – Partner

Participation in one of our podcasts or submitting an interesting article about your business or economic development organisation is free.
To really help promote business in your region, we invite you to partner with us to produce a dedicated program for you region.
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