Project Description


Bounce ideas, find support for a career move, talk through the options for a sticky project– a mentor can be a real career saver

The mentor-mentee relationship can take many forms. Coach someone through a challenging project, advise on a career move, or be a sounding board for new ideas. The mentor and mentee decide the scope of the relationship, such as to achieve a specific goal or complete a specific project.
Mentoring can be done through online coaching, virtual meeting technology, teleconference, and in person. Matchmaking is done based on questionnaires filled out by mentors and mentees.

The Value of Experience

In addition to being approachable, easy-to-contact, engaging, experienced, and knowledgeable; a good mentor will:

  • Share professional wisdom, make strategic suggestions and warn of dangers and how to avoid mistakes.
  • Inspire you to realize your potential and build your confidence, empowering you to reach your goals.
  • Supply contacts and networks to further personal and professional development.
  • Listen, question and gain an understanding of your level of development and the challenges that you need to overcome, and what is needed then to assist you, to adopt to new skills, practice new behaviors and improve your performance.
  • Facilitate decision-making by suggesting alternatives based on personal experience.

The mentorship program is sponsored by GROWTHMAP INFONOMICS in support of the economic development profession/industry in South Africa. You do not have to be a client of GROWTHMAP INFONOMICS to participate as a mentor or mentee.
As a starting point in finding a mentor or in finding a mentee, visit You will also find an up-to-date list of online resources.