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Paying it Forward

6 August 2020

The Business Exchange (TBE) Auditorium,
140 West Street. Sandton

Learn and Lead with Intent!

Join us for the inaugural Annual Women In Economic Development Leadership Forum 2020™


The Women In Economic Development Leadership Forum™ as an initiative of GROWTHMAP INFONOMICS that allows us to give back to the field of economic development in South Africa. The WED Leadership Forum 2020 will be attended by women economic development officials and elected leaders to come together to LEARN and return to their organisations prepared to LEAD.

The Forum will focus on leadership development, professional and career development, current topics in economic development, and strategic networking.

Benefits of Attending include the following improved results and outcomes:

  • Improved understanding of the fundamental economic concepts that are applicable in today’s changing business environment
  • Use conversation, phrases, and wording that position you as an expert to investors and other stakeholders
  • Focus on critical skills that allow you deliver results more accurately and quickly
  • Relate your value proposition quickly and in a way that prohibits anyone to doubt your capabilities to deliver professional services
  • Create powerful approaches so that you know what to say when working with different clients, partners and stakeholders.
  • Become an instant peer and colleague of your clients and other officials, and not an average person or subordinate
  • Avoid being delegated downward:
    • Avoid being intimidated by rank, surroundings, or volume
    • Create a lasting impression about your talent, skills and knowledge to all your stakeholders
    • Swiftly (sometimes tactfully, sometimes not) move away from administrative roles to strategic thinking when engaging with both clients and colleagues


  • Local Economic Development (LED) Managers
  • Integrated Development Plans (IDPs) Managers
  • Small Business Development Managers
  • Elected Leaders (mayors, speakers, councillors, MPLs, MPs etc)
  • Local Economic Development Agencies (LEDAs) Officials
  • Board Members of Development Agencies
  • Provincial Officials (Department of Economic Development / GOGTA)
  • National Officials (DTI, Small Business Development)
  • Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) Officials
  • IDZs / SEZs Officials
  • Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) Officials
  • Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Practitioners
  • Economic Development Consultants, Trainers & Facilitators


If you are the type of a women who is content to do things the way you always have, this leadership forum is definitely not for you. If you don’t have appetite for being an expert or to learn the latest ideas that have been tested with spectacular results, it would be best not to attend.


You must register online, email or call to book your seat. Registration is strictly limited to the first 140 people. If you are interested in attending, register immediately to be assured a space.

Don’t wait and “do it later”

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