Great plans require great management. For many clients GROWTHMAP helps to introduce a new strategy by handling communications; we also assist with resource development to ensure the new plan has adequate funding.

GROWTHMAP provides periodic evaluations. As management challenges or new threats and opportunities arise, our evaluations provide the basis for making critical, strategic adjustments.

Does your workload seem insurmountable? Sometimes the demands on an organization exceed the resources available from staff and management. GROWTHMAP has the experience and capacity to put you back in control. Our team can provide the professional services your organization may need to further a specific project or the organization as a whole.

The following are some of the ways we can assist in project management:

Project Staffing

Because we have experience in a wide range of programs from traditional economic development to community development issues such as tourism and enterprise development, we are ready to drop in and assist with short notice.

Project Evaluation

Having an independent consultant evaluate your results ensures that the analysis is objective and accurate.

Evaluation may be concerned with impacts prior to initiatives (as part of appraisals) or post implementation. Issues of added value and additionality are important taking account of deadweight, displacement and wider effects and the lessons learnt.

GROWTHMAP has been at the forefront of the development of evaluation methodologies for many years. By using a variety of research techniques, in the context of a rigorous conceptual framework, we are able to measure the effects of particular policy instruments and initiatives and separate them from the effects of other economic influences.

We have advised a large number of agencies and the private sector on economic impact, cost effectiveness and the efficiency of their policies.

  • Developing evaluation framework.
  • Clarifying policy aim, and targets.
  • Identifying performance measures (quantitative and qualitative).
  • Preparing baseline studies.
  • Assessing the impact on partnerships and delivery.
  • Measuring immediate, interim and intermediate output.
  • Measuring improved performance and economic impact.
  • Assessing the wider effect of policy.
  • Assessing socio-economic impact of projects or policy.
  • The costs and benefits (environmental, social and economic).
  • Additionality and added value.

We have developed a toolkit for Project Management for Non-Financial Projects.

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