Conference Speaking and Facilitating

Are you looking for an inspirational speaker or facilitator for a conference or event?

For over a decade Thokozani has spoken at conferences in South Africa and worldwide sharing his tried, tested and proven ideas and strategies for increased business and personal success. Drawing on this experience and working with a diverse mix of personalities in various environments, Thokozani has gained the unique skill set to fulfill the role of Facilitator in a range of settings from day long conferences to confidential boardroom discussions.

Adding value to your conference or event

Whether speaking or facilitating, Thokozani will invest time in understanding your business, your event objectives and your desired outcome:

  • Engage in pre-event meetings to understand your objectives and desired outcomes
  • Provide content for any pre-event marketing materials you are producing
  • Create a presentation specifically designed for your audience
  • Tailor the delivery of the content to your needs
  • Engage in a de-brief following the event
  • Provide a variety of resources; podcasts, videos, written materials for you to utilise post-event.

We are able to present our ideas and expertise in the form of workshops and seminars. These presentations can be tailored to your specific needs and interests. The types of engagements that we can offer are the following:


Let GROWTHMAP come speak to your group on a variety of topics. Do you need to educate about the value of your social service network or how the Chamber of Commerce boosts economic development in your area? We can tailor our presentations to meet the needs of your organization. We can present for 45 minutes and allow for 15 minutes of questions and answers. We will also provide copies of the presentation for audience members.


With our presentations we can provide an in depth view of what can be done to improve your local/regional economy. This presentation will also have the suggested ways of completing that revitalization and setting your local economy on the right track.

GROWTHMAP can also facilitate a half-day or full day interactive workshop based on your organizations needs. After the event, we will provide a workshop report that includes the workshop proceedings and recommendations for future actions.


GROWTHMAP can also take a longer amount of time during an intensive two-day interactive retreat. The results will be presented in a report that will include the proceedings and recommendations for future actions. The retreat will allow your organization to focus in on multiple topics and pull them together for a comprehensive plan of action.

Request a Speaker

Members of GROWTHMAP team are available to speak at topical events. Our team has spoken at national and international conferences to share ideas, tactics and “thought leadership” of the current and future state of economic development. We’d love to consider speaking at your event. Please, complete the form below and we’ll review your request. Completing this form does not confirm our attendance…we’ll be in touch after we receive it and follow up to discuss.

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